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Drones Capture Stunning Footage of Lawson House Renovation in Chicago

The Lawson House, a 25-story Art Deco building on the Near North side of Chicago, is undergoing a massive renovation that will result in 409 apartments, fully updated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, green roofs, and the preservation of the building’s historical elements and spaces. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was built with a gift to the YMCA from Victor Lawson, publisher of the Chicago Daily News. It opened as a full-service hotel with social services that helped people get through the Great Depression, and it converted to housing after World War II.

Drones Capture Stunning Footage of Lawson House Renovation in Chicago

Renovation Overview

The facade restoration, brick rebuild, and window installations are the featured exterior components of the renovation project, which is being led by Developer Holsten Real Estate, Walsh Construction as the general contractor, and Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design as the design architect. The project is being built to achieve LEED certification and is anticipated for completion in 2024.

Drone Services

One unique aspect of the renovation project is the use of drone services provided by Helios Visions. The use of drones allows for more efficient and accurate documentation of the building’s condition before and during the renovation process, as well as providing a means for monitoring progress and ensuring safety on the construction site.

Preservation and Modernization

The Lawson House renovation is a prime example of how preservation and modernization can coexist in the built environment. The project not only updates the building for modern use but also preserves the historical elements and spaces that make the Lawson House an important part of Chicago’s architectural heritage. The building’s history as a hotel that helped people during the Great Depression and housing after World War II make the renovation even more significant.


The use of LEED certification standards and the incorporation of green roofs highlights the commitment of the project team to sustainable design and construction practices. The completed building will not only provide residents with updated and comfortable living spaces but also contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Overall, the Lawson House renovation project is a significant undertaking that will not only revitalize a historic building but also contribute to the improvement of the surrounding community. The project team’s commitment to preservation, modernization, and sustainability is commendable, and the completed building will be a valuable addition to the Chicago skyline.