About Us

Helios Visions is approved by the FAA for commercial drone operations

and our remote pilots are Part 107 certified

Why Choose Us?

Airspace Authorizations

We know how to navigate the FAA flight authorization process and can help apply for additional waivers or authorizations when required. We currently have a nighttime waiver that allows us to fly at night and a good working relationship with the FAA.

Pilot Qualifications

Our pilots go above and beyond FAA safety regulations carrying out a strict preflight checklist.


The safety of the public and our staff is our number one concern.

Reduce Costs and Risk

Unlike traditional aerial services such as helicopters and planes, drones are affordable and can go places traditional aviation cannot, with less risk.

$1 Million Insurance Policy

Fully insured for commercial drone operations

Rapid Deployment

Get the data you need when you need it.

Who Are We?

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Tyler Gibson

Co-Founder – Chief Remote Pilot


Ted Parisot

Co-Founder – CMO


Calvin Gin

Co-Founder – CFO

What Do We Do?

Our Aerial Data Collection Process

We collect aerial data that allows you to take action and make more informed business decisions

Preflight Planning to Ensure a Safe Flight

Drone is launched and data is collected

Data Processed and Analyzed

Geospatial Products Delivered

Where Do We Work?

We are located in Chicago, IL and service the entire Midwest

Interested in any of our services?